About Us

Client Centered

We don't think success happens by accident. Or that people who have secured their financial future are just lucky - they are intentional. They realized their goals could only become reality if a plan was created to pursue them. So they likely worked with professional advisors who had their interests at heart, along with the industry experience help them plan.

We want the group at Etiquette Financial Partners to be that team of professional advisors.

Located in Westmont, Illinois, our Waddell & Reed office works with individuals, families and small business owners who are actively pursuing their own version of wealth success. Through actual financial planning that is values-based and comprehensive, we strive to help our clients pursue their ideal future.

Committed to upholding a high level of client care and customer service standards, our goals are these: To replace chaos with confidence; to bring clarity to an area of life that is often complex and misunderstood; and to bring confidence to otherwise overwhelmed individuals and business owners.