New Clients



We are thrilled to be on your team. As we begin our journey together, we want to share a few key resources with you:

  • Get easy access to your accounts here.
  • Learn about the team behind you here.

If you ever need any additional support, we're just a click away. Feel free to call our office at any time or fill out the form below with your questions.

Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

Already have a meeting date set? We look forward to seeing you soon! If you'd like to be proactive, here are a few documents to consider bringing to your appointment:

  • Personal files, such as:
    • Income tax returns for the last two years, including W-2s and 1099s
    • Wills and powers of attorney for healthcare and financial decisions
    • Trust agreements
    • Social Security benefit statement, if available
    • Major asset purchase details
  • Two most recent paychecks, employee benefits booklets, pension plan information, and retirement savings plans available through your employer
  • Checking account statements, Savings/CD/Money Market account statements, loan documents (including mortgage), and credit card statements from your bank or credit union
  • Latest monthly statements from your broker or mutual fund company
  • Latest life insurance policy information, anuity account statements, health insurance/hospital/major medical policy information, disability income insurance policy information, property and casualty policy information, and long-term care policy information from your insurance company
  • Business-related documents, such as: buy-sell agreements, income tax returns, deferred compensation agreements, and stock/options/bonus plans

Again, you don't need to have everything. We are here to help! Complete as much as you can and we'll fill in the blanks during our meeting.

Get Your Questions Answered

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