Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is easy to put off, especially when you are young and focused on building your career and raising children. However, retirement planning is a lifelong process that should be started as soon as possible. Life expectancies increase each year, with the average person expected to live well into their 80s or beyond. Careful planning now is essential to ensure you have enough a safe, secure, and enjoyable retirement. 

Client Centered

Client Centered

Retirement planning is the process of clarifying retirement goals and determining the actions needed to achieve those objectives. Future cash flow levels should be estimated to gauge if your retirement income goals are feasible. While retirement needs vary depending on the individual, retirement planning often includes the following steps:  

  • Clarify your retirement goals
  • Examine your current financial situation
  • Determine income needed after you stop working
  • Develop a budget considering current and long-term expenses
  • Open a retirement savings account
  • Consider insurance options, including long-term care insurance 

Working with a professional financial planner can help you choose the best investment strategy to optimize your retirement savings. 

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At Etiquette Financial Partners, we seek to ensure you have sufficient income after you stop working. By working with one of our certified advisors, we can create a thoughtful approach for living on your savings during your post-work life. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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