What Our Clients Are Saying

He Began With My Parents Over 25 Years Ago And Helped Them Enjoy A Happy Retirement

Eric Degnan has provided us with competent, professional, and successful financial advice over three generations. He began with my parents over 25 years ago and helped them enjoy a happy retirement and in going over my mother's estate when she passed 20+ years ago, our adult children also have some investments with Eric. This is a strong recommendation for anyone seeking a financial advisor. 

- Al H. 7/24/23

We Are So Appreciative of The Relationship They Provided To Our Elderly Parents In Their Estate Planning And Now To Our Adult Children

We have been extremely fortunate to have Eric Degnan, Shirley Myers, and the LPL Financial Team play a critical role as partners in the financial stability of our wealth management for over 30 years. They have consistently worked hard with advice and recommendations while persevering thru some ups and downs in the financial market place. They remained dedicated with timely communication while maintaining a personal and professional connection with our family. We are so appreciative of the relationship they provided to our elderly parents in their estate planning and now to our adult children. We are legacy partners with the LPL financial team! To the future and beyond with trust and confidence! 

- Scott and Laura K. 5/31/23

I Trust That They Are Optimizing My Money For Tomorrow

I know what I enjoy and what I'm good at. Managing investments and planning my retirement do not fall into either of those categories. That's why I'm glad to have Eric and the Etiquette team on my team. I trust that they are optimizing my money for tomorrow, not just today. I appreciate that they ask the tough questions and help me think through scenarios about the future so I can be confident in my choices. I still don't enjoy it, but with their help I'm getting better at it!

- Gwen F. 6/05/23

We Have Trusted You And Your Team With Our Finances For Over 21 Years

We have trusted you and your team with our finances for over 21 years. You have helped us navigate the financial world. Thanks for your tax saving advice and for being open to feedback. Hope to continue our great working relationship for years to come!

- Walter and Lulu T. 3/07/23

We Appreciate The Detailed Information

We appreciate the detailed information and as always trust your acumen and experience in these matters.

- Al and Toni M. 3/06/23

Eric Has Been With Us At Each Step And I Would Highly Recommend Eric And His Team

We had been working with Eric for a few years before my family and I moved out of state. With a move of that size, you always worry about disruptions to your financial plan. Eric has been with us at each step and I would highly recommend Eric and his team. They are extremely knowable, understanding, accessible and genuinely concerned for our wellbeing.

- Charles and Leslie P. 3/06/23

Incredibly Knowledgeable And Takes The Time To Understand My Financial Goals And Needs

I highly recommend Eric as a financial advisor. He is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to understand my financial goals and needs. He has provided me with excellent advice and guidance on retirement planning. Eric is always responsive and available to answer any questions I may have. 

- Bob B. 2/28/23

Thank You For All Your Wonderful Guidance

I also want to thank you for all the wonderful guidance you have given me over the years and not only to me but also to my family members. I trust in you and know you always have our best interest in mind.

- Janice K. 1/04/23

We Trust And Value Your Recommendations In Guiding Our Decisions About Investment Strategies

This is to acknowledge your invaluable services to us through the Securities and Advisory services offered by LPL Financial. We trust and value your recommendations in guiding our decisions about investment strategies. Patricia and I are both fortunate and grateful to find someone like you as a partner. Thank you.

- Patricia H. and Sunday J. 2/08/23

Eric Is Comforting In That He Stays Steady During The Swings In The Markets

I have known Eric going on 18 years, have worked with him for over 4 years and he has been our Financial Advisor for 8 years. Eric is knowledgeable, sincere and conscientious in looking out for our best interests in respects to our investments. Eric is also easy to work with, responds quickly to any questions we may have and truly shows interest in helping his clients. Eric is comforting in that he stays steady during the swings in the markets.

- Ralph and Jean F. 2/01/23

Always Listens And Adjusts Our Plan Based on Changes In Life Explains Things In Layman's Terms And Responds Quickly When I Have a Question

Eric and the team at Etiquette Financial have managed my funds responsibly. I trust Eric and his advice. He knows what my needs are and takes a personal interest in helping me pursue those goals. He explains things in layman's terms and responds quickly when I have a question. I highly recommend Eric Degnan and his team to manage anyone's financial needs - large or small.

- Mary N. 1/31/23

You Are Our Partner And You Have Been With Us Through A Lot

You are our partner and you have been with us through a lot. We truly appreciate all of your guidance and help over the years.

- Michael and Farah H. 1/30/23

One Of The Most Trustworthy And Dedicated People We Know

Eric Degnan has been our financial advisor for almost 25 years. He is one of the most trustworthy and dedicated people we know. He's honest, efficient and we value his knowledge and expertise.

- Sean and Deanne D. 1/17/23

What Can We Do to Help You?" Is Very Deep In The Company

We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Degnan and the Etiquette Financial Partners team for the past 10 + years. He has always been a true advisor, friend, and caretaker of our finances as if they were his own. He anticipates our certain needs which we really appreciate. "What can we do to help you?" Is very deep in the company. We highly recommend the services and products offered by Etiquette Financial Partners.

- Tom and Nancy D. 1/26/23

With Everything That Was Going On It Was So Comforting To Know That All I Had To Do Was Make One Phone Call And They Were Taking Care Of Me

I have worked with Eric Degnan for the last 20 years. He and his group have always guided my husband and I down the right path with our investment options. Now twenty years later, my husband has passed, with everything that was going on it was so comforting to know that all I had to do was make one phone call and they were taking care of me, I was concerned as I needed to now remove my husband’s name and add my children's, I had investments that needed to be changed and wanted everything managed by them in one place. We were in the midst of a pandemic and there was no face to face interaction. But it was all handled seamlessly with emails and phone conversations. The paperwork was completed quickly and efficiently, sent to me to sign and return and all was handled in a matter of weeks. I had several questions at that time and every time I contacted Eric to discuss, he patiently explained everything to me, answered my questions and assisted with any of the requests I had given. I can't speak highly enough over how fortunate I am to know that my investments are being handled by Eric. He is very proactive in communication with me as well. Constantly reaches out just to touch base, and sometimes calm my nerves when the markets are a little unstable. I would never hesitate to refer anyone I know to them to handle their financial investment needs. 

- Julian W. 1/24/23

Always Listens And Adjusts Our Plan Based On Changes in Life

Eric has been managing our finances for over 20 years. He has created a financial plan based on our goals for our future and retirement. He always listens, and adjusts our plan based on changes in life and in the market that have occurred over the years. We have referred family and friends to him because of how well he has worked with us. 

- Chris and Renee O. 2/17/23

Responsive, Considerate, And Understanding

Eric has been my financial advisor since 1999, when I retired. Through the rough times and good times, he has guided me and kept me afloat financially for the past 20+ years. He's responsive, considerate and understanding when I've needed assistance. Additionally, Eric will check in on me a few times a year just to say hello and see how I'm doing. I now consider him a friend. I know I'm not the only client, but he makes me feel that way. I'd recommend him to anyone in need of a solid and dedicated financial advisor.

- Dorothy K. 1/11/23

With His Guidance We Have Raised 4 Kids, Navigated College, Owned Several Businesses, And Are Now Looking To Retirement

Eric has been our advisor for over 20 years. He is more than just a financial planner, he takes care to look at the entire picture as it stands today and what your life plans hold. He is mindful to ask the right questions to help guide us thru our many stages of life. We started with Eric as a newlywed couple with a small savings and a dream. He has help us grow, act as a sounding board for broad range of financial topics, and checked in when things may be going astray in the market. With his guidance we have raised 4 kids, navigated college, owned several businesses, and are now looking to retirement. Thanks for being there - We really appreciate it!!

- Chuck and Julie R. 1/27/2023

Sound Advice Helped Us Build A Financial Plan That Supported Our Long Term Goals

My husband and I choose Eric Degnan as our financial advisor over 20 years ago and we’re glad we did. His sound advice helped us build a financial plan that supported our long term goals, including early retirement. Eric keeps in regular contact with us and provide us with ongoing financial advice as our needs and markets change.

- Michael and Catherine B. 1/17/23

These statements are a testimonial by clients of the financial professionals as of the date indicated. These clients have not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, these clients do not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing these testimonials.